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What To Drink To Last Longer In Bed?

If you are a guy trying to improve your bedroom performance and last longer in bed you’ll want to do everything you can to avoid the dreaded curse of premature ejaculation. So it makes sense to think about what you should drink prior to sex to give yourself every chance possible to last longer.

There’s a lot of free-flowing advice and tips floating around and telling men to eat or drink a certain thing to increase their sexual stamina, so here we will take a look at what’s a fact, what’s fiction, and what other more effective ways there are to last longer in bed.

Before you start to think about what to drink to last longer in bed there are a few much more important considerations you should be thinking about. Because if you have premature ejaculation a drink alone is never going to completely fix your problem.

Othe Ways To Last Longer In Bed

Our advice is to focus on the proven and methods to last longer in bed such as learning how to breathe during sex and completing some premature ejaculation exercises. These are the low-hanging fruit that will give you the biggest improvement in the shortest time. Here’s a good round-up by Dan Becket on the most effective ways to last longer in bed (Hint: drinking a magic potion is not one of them.)

Sexual Stamina And Libido Vs Delaying Ejaculation

Firstly, let’s make it clear what we are talking about here. Because when people talk about lasting longer in bed they can mean one of 2 things. Some men or women are looking to increase their libido or sexual desire both before and during sex. And there are many things that you can eat or drink that will help you in this department. But that’s not what we are covering here.

This article looks at what men can do to last longer in bed and prevent early ejaculation. And specifically, if there are any drinks that can reliably help men last longer before ejaculation.

Is It Possible To Last Longer During Sex By Drinking Anything?

The short answer to this “no”, with the possible exception of alcohol (More on this later).

While in a perfect world you’d grab that bottle of Ultimate Lasting Max Pro™ off the top shelf, gulp it down, and be good to go for hours, but that’s just not how the male ejaculatory system operates I’m afraid.

You are basically controlling precision machinery within your body and to do that you need to have the basic skills to start with.

Does Drinking Water Make You Last Longer In Bed?

Drinks to last longer in bed

Here’s something I’ve heard in a few places and it’s the sort of advice that you’d expect to hear passed out in the locker room.

“Drink a big glass of water just befor sex to last longer in bed”
– Random locker room guy

But does this work?

If you are severely dehydrated, yes, drinking water will help you last longer in bed. But that is only because when you are severely dehydrated you will not really be any good at pretty much anything.

It has not been shown that the consumption of water just prior to sex will not increase the duration of intercourse. Unless that is if you include the time that it takes you to interrupt sex to take a whizz in the bathroom.

It may also sometimes have the opposite effect. Because drinking water just before sex can lead to a full bladder, which can then, in turn, lead to a lack of muscular control in the abdominal area. And this will make it a lot harder to relax your ejaculatory muscles which is very likely to lead to a lack of control in bed and premature ejaculation.

Does Drinking Alchohol Help You Last Longer In Bed?

can alcohol help you last longer in bed for men

Alcohol is the one drink that can help some men last longer in bed in some cases, but the jury is still out on whether or not it should be recommended.

Because alcohol can reduce inhibitions some men find that it helps them last longer in bed. And unlike many of the other suggestions we’ve discussed on this page, there is actually some truth to this.

In fact, many men with premature ejaculation end up needing to consume alcohol prior to sex every time.  This can lead to unhealthy sexual and lifestyle habits if it becomes a habit.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a few alcoholic drinks prior to sex, especially if you are nervous, it shouldn’t become a habit and it shouldn’t get to the stage where you feel that you need it every time before sex.

Does Caffeine Make You Last Longer In Bed?

Drinks that are high in caffeine such as coffee or green tea can most certainly help wake you up and reduce perceptions of fatigue. Caffeine has also anecdotally been said to increase libido, which may well be the case, but it certainly won’t help you delay early ejaculation and can often make you ejaculate earlier instead.

This is because drinks with a high level of caffeine can cause higher levels of stress and anxiety which is a known trigger for early ejaculation.

Do Energy Drinks Make You Last Longer In Bed?

can energy drinks help men last longer in bed

Some guys have also asked about whether or not energy drinks such as Red Bull can help you last longer in bed. The answer is the same as it is for coffee as for most energy drinks the main active ingredient is also caffeine.

Ps. One guy also asked if lemonade would him last longer in bed and by now I’m sure that you can guess the answer: No it won’t.

What Should I Drink To Last Longer In Bed?

OK. So you’ve educated yourself, you’ve learned how to breathe correctly during sex and you’ve done the training and you still want to know what is the best thing is to drink to last longer in bed and perhaps get your libido firing on all cylinders. Here are a few drinks that may help you.

Drinks Containing Potassium

mango-banana-smoothie-to last longer

Potassium is a key electro light and aids in cell fluid retention, strength, and recovery.

  • Banana Smoothy
  • Tomato juice
  • Carrot juice
  • Milk
  • Yogurt based drinks such as Yakult


I hope you like it spicy because Capsaicin can help you last longer in bed. As the name suggests it is found in many chilies and capsicums. It can boost your endurance and also speed up recovery after sex for that extra round.

  • Capsicums
  • Sweet chilies
  • Jalapenos
  • Ginger root or extract

How To Start Training To Stop Premature Ejaculation?

If you haven’t yet completed some training exercises or learned some techniques to improve your ejaculatory control that’s where your focus should be. I recommend either booking an appointment with a professional in the field of sexual relations or checking out Dan Becket’s great Ejaculation Freedom program which we recently reviewed on the site.

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